Shy, retiring, lacking in confidence – fortunately Tom is none of these! With a “let’s go!” attitude Tom got stuck into his lessons and passed his test very quickly. He was determined not to cut any corners though (figuratively or literally) – and that’s the main reason for his success. Congratulations Tom!


Young children can be a bit tiring – especially if they don’t let you get to sleep until 4:30 am! Fortunately Ashley didn’t let this bother her, and took everything in her stride on her test today. A lovely drive, Ashley – well done!

Amy Little

Richard is the kindest and easiest driving instructor to get along with! Was always calm and patient in the car. Was helpful with theory practice and I never felt pushed or rushed to get the practical test done which paid off immensely! 100% recommend for car newbies! Thank you very much Richard!

Amy Little Feb 2020


An excellent drive today ensures that Amy is all set to take her dogs to lots of far flung places. An expert (and soon to be graduate) in animal behavior, Amy probably had a few insights into her instructor’s quirks! Well done Amy!


Budding entrepreneur Jak took his test in his stride today. An early start, broken bones and a demanding route were no problem and Jak scored a well deserved pass. I’ll look forward to seeing you on Dragon’s Den, Jak – either pitching or investing!

Pedestrian crossings

There are several types of pedestrian crossing in the UK:

  • Zebra: black and white lines on the road
  • Pelican: PEdestrian LIght CONtrolled (this one has a flashing amber light after you’ve waited at the red light)
  • Puffin: PEdestrian User Friendly INtelligent
  • Toucan: TWO CAN cross (cyclists and pedestrians)
  • Equestrian or Pegasus: for horse riders in the form of a pelican crossing or puffin crossing but with higher buttons.
Watch this video for more information


The long arm of the law steered Oscar to success today – he’s not only an excellent driver but also a law student. He’s following in the footsteps of his equally talented Mum – who passed with Wayfarer 31 years ago! Congratulations to you Oscar!!