Motorway Breakdowns

Do you know what to do if you break down on a motorway? This section of the Highway Code is well worth a read – especially if you have a theory test coming up!

In particular, there is advice about breakdowns and emergency refuge areas like these:

You have to await instructions to rejoin the main carriageway as there is no hard shoulder on some modern motorways. You will see signs like this:

Gears Infographic

Lockdown seems to be going on forever. Still, messing around with Powerpoint occupied me for a few hours yesterday. I like the look of infographics and made this one about gears. Let me know if I’ve made any glaring errors or typos!

gears infographic

Basingstoke roundabouts

The Winchester Road roundabout in Basingstoke is a bit tricky to the uninitiated. Lots of lanes and options squeezed into a relatively small space. Think Driving School made an excellent video showing you all the options and pitfalls – thanks go to them!

Visual tricks

You know how us driving instructors are always going on about looking carefully when pulling out of a junction, or when approaching a roundabout? Did you know that your eyes (and your brain) can be easily fooled?

This Wikipedia article explains how your eye can easily miss some important information. It has an interesting blind spot test – you should try it!

The image below has pairs of dots in each corner – unless you look at the centre of the image, in which case there is only one dot at the corners.

It’s all too easy to take a quick glance at a junction, and go, when a more thorough scan of the road might save you a lot of hassle!
Check out some more illusions here.

Pedestrian crossings

There are several types of pedestrian crossing in the UK:

  • Zebra: black and white lines on the road
  • Pelican: PEdestrian LIght CONtrolled (this one has a flashing amber light after you’ve waited at the red light)
  • Puffin: PEdestrian User Friendly INtelligent
  • Toucan: TWO CAN cross (cyclists and pedestrians)
  • Equestrian or Pegasus: for horse riders in the form of a pelican crossing or puffin crossing but with higher buttons.

Only in the UK could we make something this simple so complicated! Take a look at this video if you’re still confused:

Youtube channels

These days there are a lot of driving instructors making videos. Here are some channels I’ve watched that are really helpful. Please let me know if you have a YouTube favourite and I will include it here.

Just one of many useful videos to be found on YouTube