Kara took a break from working hard for the NHS and studying hard at college to visit the driving test centre today. She came away with a rare distinction – no faults at all! Well done Kara – a very well deserved pass. Thanks for learning to drive with me and thanks to Mum and Dad for helping you practise.


Thankfully we both managed to wake up today, Krishna : – ) A test at the crack of dawn was no problem, apart from setting alarms… It’s been a pleasure helping you get your licence. Enjoy your 2^5 birthday and your upcoming trip.


Instead of taking the train to London Mathilda drove to Basingstoke and took her driving test. No rail replacement service today, instead Mathilda stayed on track to an easy pass! Enjoy driving Mathilda, and stay safe. ATB!!


Well done Sam! You’ve got a nice new driving licence to go with your nice new job. I hope you enjoy driving now you’ve passed, and I’ll keep an eye on the traffic lights when I’m behind the wheel ; )


Just last week Yuliya got some stellar A level results, and she’s followed up this week by passing her driving test. I hear a rumour that the nightlife in Basingstoke might be quite lively tonight, too! I hope you have a lot of fun tonight Yuliya, and enjoy driving your nice car. It’s been a genuine pleasure : )


Well done Olive!! A new job, a nice car waiting for you and a new driving licence! It’s been a bit of a journey what with lockdown test cancellations and virus fun but it’s all behind you now. I shall miss your lessons – there was never a dull moment : )


After the emotional roller coaster of the Euro final on Sunday, today’s test was a piece of cake for Joe. A nice smooth drive around Basingstoke and Old Basing with his helpful and chatty examiner, and all the pressure was gone! I wish you all the very best for the future Joe, and enjoy driving carefully 🙂


I think Mwamba set the world record for the shortest time between booking a test and passing: less than twelve hours! Booked last night after ten, passed this morning before ten. A pleasant way to spend a sunny midsummer morning 🙂 Congratulations Mwamba, enjoy driving and stay safe.


Morgan took her nice examiner for a quick tour of Basingstoke and Oakley and came back with her licence: well done Morgan! You can put all your worries behind you now. I told you it would be easy, didn’t I?


Oria passed today! There was a short break in the rain which made life a bit easier (I left my coat in the car) and Oria made the most of it. Not only a skilled driver, Oria is an accomplished pianist and she hit all the right notes today!