Globe trotting Alice has visited more countries than I ever will. It’s been interesting hearing about foreign climes. However, Alice confined herself to the streets of Basingstoke this morning and drove flawlessly (apart from that speed bump!) to get her full licence. Well done! Enjoy driving and resuming your travels when the current restrictions are lifted (sooner rather than later I hope).


Arran is a Reading supporter! It doesn’t affect his driving though 🙂 He did something very unusual today in his early morning, drizzly test: he drove with no faults at all! That is a very rare achievement. Congratulations Arran, it’s been a pleasure helping you get your licence. Enjoy yourself in your Polo and (of course) take care.


Leila’s test came up very quickly after the virus lockdown. No problem! Leila chatted to her lovely examiner non stop throughout the test and came away with a well deserved pass. Congratulations Leila – I hope to see you for a spin on the motorway.


Jared takes after his Mum in that he’s a great driver and I had the privilege of teaching them both! Equally happy driving a tractor with a huge trailer or my tiny car, Jared drove really well today and deservedly passed. Enjoy driving your car Jared!


Nathan’s speciality is artificial intelligence and cloud computing which makes driving a piece of cake by comparison. A lovely drive around Basingstoke this morning followed by some “precision” parking 🙂 Well done Nathan, enjoy driving to your new job!


Ivan builds houses but work slowed today while he took his test – and also because the heavens opened and it rained very hard. The weather didn’t put Ivan off though – it was an excellent drive around the puddles. Good luck and safe driving, Ivan!


Shy, retiring, lacking in confidence – fortunately Tom is none of these! With a “let’s go!” attitude Tom got stuck into his lessons and passed his test very quickly. He was determined not to cut any corners though (figuratively or literally) – and that’s the main reason for his success. Congratulations Tom!


Young children can be a bit tiring – especially if they don’t let you get to sleep until 4:30 am! Fortunately Ashley didn’t let this bother her, and took everything in her stride on her test today. A lovely drive, Ashley – well done!


An excellent drive today ensures that Amy is all set to take her dogs to lots of far flung places. An expert (and soon to be graduate) in animal behavior, Amy probably had a few insights into her instructor’s quirks! Well done Amy!


Budding entrepreneur Jak took his test in his stride today. An early start, broken bones and a demanding route were no problem and Jak scored a well deserved pass. I’ll look forward to seeing you on Dragon’s Den, Jak – either pitching or investing!