The long arm of the law steered Oscar to success today – he’s not only an excellent driver but also a law student. He’s following in the footsteps of his equally talented Mum – who passed with Wayfarer 31 years ago! Congratulations to you Oscar!!


Friday afternoons won’t be the same for me now that Cora has passed her test. After a quick visit to Halfords she has her “P” plates. No more cycling to work in the rain – a cosy Fiat 500 will be a pleasant change. Congratulations Cora – I was so pleased for you!


Shannon strikes a typically shy pose after an early test today. Well, an early start for one of us anyway 🙂 Her tactic to chat nonstop to the examiner seemed to work, although it was a lovely smooth drive regardless. Well done Shannon! BLF!


Humaira had to pass today as she had promised her three boys that she would drive them to the new toy shop in Basingstoke to buy them a treat! Fortunately, everything went to plan, the drive was excellent and Humaira got her licence. Congratulations!! (I hope the boys got their toys).


Young Ms Ellen wasn’t having the best start to the week (to say the least) but managed to produce an excellent drive and cruise smoothly around the test route. All her hard work paid off and she’s now ready for her new career. Well done!!


Today Darren sailed through his driving test with flying colours – with just a very quick nicotine fix before arriving at the test centre. His examiner was probably charmed by his chat as he drove around the route, and Darren almost got a clean sheet. Just keep an eye on the speedo, Darren 🙂 Thanks for the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer – it was delicious. Wishing you all the best in the future!


Despite the 100F temperature today Stewart sailed through his test to success. All good preparation for a foreign office posting to warmer climes! (Stewart just has to sail through uni, first).