Ben Bevan

Having tried to get my licence almost 20 years ago and given up in a huff, it was difficult for me coming back to it. Richard has been tremendously helpful and I genuinely couldn’t have got through it without him. His approach to teaching is first rate, and he takes the time to patiently explain the aspects of driving that (for me anyway) are really quite unintuitive.
Massively recommend Wayfarer. There are loads of instructors in Basingstoke, but I’m very glad I went with Richard.

Ben Bevan Nov 2016

Megan Coyle

Amazing instructor! I can’t thank Richard enough for all my lessons, he has the paitence of a saint, good humour, very reliable and easy to get along with! I will be and am recommending him to everyone! Thanks again 🙂

Megan Coyle Oct 2016

Chinesha Daley

It has been an absolute pleasure learning to drive with you Richard, you have gone above and beyond to help me prepare for today, you haven’t just taught me how to drive but you have taught to trust in my own judgment, self belief and self confidence and I couldn’t thank you enough.
You are such a fantastic driving instructor and I could never have done it without you. I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Richard Fosh. You are fantastic in what you do, once again thank you.

Chinesha Daley Sept 2016

Abby McMillan

Thank you Richard for truly being the most amazing driving instructor; someone who is patient, understanding and so constructive. I feel really lucky to have had you as my instructor and will continue to recommend you to everyone I can.
Not only one of the kindest people but also one of the best teachers! I couldn’t have done my test without you! Thank you so so much for everything and if anyone is looking for an instructor, you will never regret choosing to take your lessons with Richard!:)

Abby McMillan July 2016

Suma Vemula

Hello Richard, 
Thank you so much for all your support and help you spent teaching me to drive. Your patience and encouragement prepared me with confidence to make this driving test wonderful experience. Lessons were informative with expert guidance, Scheduling lessons was very simple and flexible. I can say without a doubt that I wouldn’t have made this driving test possible, without your expertise and guidance.
“Many Thanks again!”
“For Exceptional Quality Driving Lessons Always the Best Mr. Richard”
Kind regards, thank you,

Suma Vemula Apr 2016

Sarmila Limbu

Richard is an excellent driving instructor, very professional, brilliant at explaining everything in a clear and friendly manner.
One of the best driving instructor i could ever ask for. I would highly recommend Richard to my friends and family.
I cannot thank Richard enough for everything he has taught me. Thank you so much Richard <3

Sarmila Limbu Mar 2016


Thanks Richard for all your efforts in making me accustomed to the UK driving. Your professional and patient approach really helped me getting rid of my old driving habits.Your evenly-paced, relaxed  training sessions were simply superb to build my confidence level. It was a pleasure to have you as my trainer.

Rakesh Nov 2015

Towela Ndhlovu

Best instructor I could have asked for. So patient and always punctual!! I enjoyed every minute of each lesson – passing was just a bonus!!
Thanks Richard for being a ‘top class’ instructor.

Towela Ndhlovu Nov 2015

Manoj Shakya

Thanks Richard for all hard work to teach me drive. I honestly recommend him for anyone who want to learn driving car. Most important and what I like about Richard is his honest advice, simplicity, very punctual (always 5 mins early and never late) and patient. It is pleasure to know person like him who has this dedication for training.

Manoj Shakya – Sept 2015