Hazel Foley

Richard is known in our house as a legend! First Robert, then Kim and finally Hazel.
Robert still holds the record with 4 minors and still gloats about it!! Richard is a patient, kind and friendly instructor who we would highly recommend. Thank you so much for everything.

Hazel Foley – Jan 2011

Grace Gu

Today is my big day, I passed. I’m so happy and so excited. :)))))
Richard, thank you so much for your professional and patient instruction. You are such a nice guy that I’ll never forget. The UK driving license is my first challenge in UK, I GOT IT because of your fantastic teaching and my hard working.
I don’t know what to say but Thank you!
You are not only a good instructor but also a very good friend in my life.
Richard, I hope you will have a good holiday and good life with your loving family. With my truly and best wishes.
Many many thanks.

Grace Gu – Sept 2010

Lindsey Doublet

i was very worried about driving at first, seing as my first lesson was in the snow.
i thought i did really well, and really did shock myself. richard made me feel really comfortable, calm, and relaxed, throughout the lessons i had with him i couldnt ask for a better instructor.
cannot believe i passed first time, again, i shocked myself lol .
thanx very much richard you always made me laugh will miss our lessons but now have my freedom .
thanx again
lindsey xxx
sorry took me a while to comment been getting some driving practice in lol xxx

Lindsey Doublet – Aug 2010

Ross Clark

Learning to Drive with Richard was very enjoyable. I felt as ease because he is very patient. He is a very nice person to get along with. I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive.

Ross Clark – June 2010

Lisa Harman

Richard is a fantastic teacher, he’s easy going, friendly, always on time and very patient. Richard has you driving safely and confidently from the first lesson and he always gives great advice.
I would and have recommended him to my friends and anyone else whos learning to drive, Now I have passed my test i wish everyone would learn with Richard as I’m getting fed up with all the learners getting in my way lol, with Richard you never drive like a learner.
Thankyou for everything Richard you gave a lot of time and effort to get me through my test it’s much appreciated, if I had to do it over again I’d do it with you lol
Thanks again x
Good luck to everyone else learning to drive.

Lisa Harman – May 2010

Matilda Adomako

Learning to drive with Richard was an absolute pleasure and fun. He has skills and patient to teach any kind of person. I will recommend him to all my friends who want to drive. Once again i say that you thank you Richard for your time and patience..

Matilda Adomako – Apr 2010

Wei Feng

Hi Richard, thanks a lot for your lessons and it really worths a lot for me. The lessons I have here really teaches me a lot how to drive safe since I have a lot of bad habits of driving.
I will recommend my colleagues to Wayfarer if they wish to learn to drive. The teaching here is really professional and effective.

Wei Feng – Dec 2009

Gaurav Karvir

Wayfarer Highly Recommended folks. Richard is very experienced, determined, friendly and an amazing Instructor. Always on time, his way of teaching is absolutely fantastic which helps you lot to improve quickly and make your driving experience smooth and up to the mark.”
“Finally Many Thanks!!! Richard. Good Luck!!!”

Gaurav Karvir – Nov 2009

Steve Cawley

After taking some time out of learning to drive to go to university, I needed to have a full licence to start my job. Richard quickly helped me develop my confidence and road awareness, which allowed me to pass my test and drive each day for work”

Steve Cawley – Oct 2009

Moushumi Tongaonkar

I used to drive in India for more than 8 years n obviously I wanted to drive in UK as well. So I started my driving lessons with Richard. He is very friendly and a very nice human being. He teaches very well. If ur driving lesson is for one hour and the time is over, and if u have any queries, he alway solves ur query.”
“Everyday he comes with the same enthusiasm…Hats off!”
“I got the licence say 2 months back. Now my husband and my friend both are taking classes with him. And they are doing very well.”
“You will always feel confident while taking lessons with Richard! “

Moushumi Tongaonkar – July 2009